No, copyright isn't an iron-clad lock on what can be published.

This is the only acceptable way of using text written by someone else in your webpage or other writing.
Copying illustrations, diagrams, or photographs (e.g., scanning a printedimage or copying a GIF or JPEG file) always requires permission of thecopyright owner, unless the works are clearly in the public domain(e.g., either a work produced by the U.S.

Fishman, S. (2008). The copyright handbook: What every writer needs to know. Berkeley, CA: Nolo.

You have graduated FHSU with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a level of confidence in your education and abilities that sets you apart from most new graduates. While balancing life and your scholastic endeavors for the past few years in school, you are, your ‘ graduate status’ frees you to develop an idea you have quietly been kicking around for a mobile phone 3D mapping application. Eventually you intend to expand your product design into a computer software, and eventual a download available directly from your new business’s website.

Library of Congress copyright site.

In civil law regarding copyright, there are two types of infringement; primary and secondary.

Even if you can't think of how the author orowner gets hurt, think about the fact that piracy on the nethurts everybody who wants a chance to use this wonderful newtechnology to do more than read other people's flamewars.

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In addition, while quite often people make incorrect claims of "fair use"it is a still valid and important concept necessary to allowthe criticism of copyrighted works and their creators through examples.

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17 USC § 512(b) (1998).

Internet service providers (ISPs) and colleges should be aware ofamendments to the copyright statutes in 1998 that provide thecorporation or college with immunity from infringement by theircustomers or students, the ISP or college complies with certainrequirements prior to the infringement.

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Another new copyright law provides immunity frominfringement to Internet service providers who maintain a temporary copy(called caching) of a frequently requested document on their server,to reduce the amount of long-distance communications and to decreaseresponse time.

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A new section of the copyright law,17 USC § 512(a) (1998),provides immunity from infringement to Internet service providerswho automatically transmit or route copies of material in response torequests from users.

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Such copying is infringement of a copyright.

Servers operated by local Internet Service Providers obviously transmita copy of documents requested by their users.