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This debate regarding the death penalty has become a complex issue in recent years with concerns as to the equality of the criminal justice system, the position of physicians in assisting in executions, and the likelihood of reform, improvement and rehabilitation amid individuals currently serving on death row....

Zalman, M. (2006). Criminal Justice System Reform and Wrongful Conviction. , (4): 468-492.

The word justice is frequently used by people, whether used in right contexts or not. In most cases, it is used to mean that there should be equity, fairness or appropriateness in everyday activities (Bryett, Caswell & Shaw, 1993). The world would be another place if there were no justice or any policies and strategies put in place to ensure that justice is accomplished. As many people interpret other things according to their understanding, so do various people interpret justice depending on the particular circumstance in question. This is the reason majority of the people have established common grounds when it comes to bringing justice associated with legal matters. These are what we refer to as justice systems. Criminal justice systems deal with matters of criminal nature (Sarre & Tomaino, 1999). The nature of man and his activities demands that criminal justice systems be put in place. The discussion here is that criminal justice systems make the world to be livable.

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If this were possible, what affect would it have on the Criminal Justice System and capital punishment laws within the states, specifically Texas....

There are a number of general texts on the role and use of technology in the criminal justice system. Due to the rapid and significant changes in technology over the past two decades, it is difficult to find particularly current works on the topic. In addition, given the depth and variety of technologies used throughout the system, their depth of content is variable. Both and provide an introductory overview to the range of technologies used across law enforcement agencies with particular emphasis on communications technology. provides an overview on the factors affecting the adoption of technologies in state and local law enforcement agencies. gives an interesting and up-to-date exploration of the application of technology in courtrooms and its prospective impact on the judicial process generally. provides an important exposition on the issues facing law enforcement in order to investigate cybercrimes. and provide explorations on a range of technologies used by police, courts, and corrections.

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Each crime is remedied by a particular punishment. However, many debates and discussions have been gotten into in order to discuss the appropriateness of certain punishments in relation to the crimes. For example, the appropriateness of capital punishment in relation to crimes of sexual nature, murder, robbery with violence, illegal drugs possession, amongst others, has raised debates across the countries. The sentence given to some crimes in relation to others is another thing that has raised concern. However, even with all these in consideration, the criminal justice systems cannot be done away with. When a woman sees the one who killed her child get a life sentence, she does not get her child back, but most say that justice as been done to her dead child. When a man sees the one who robbed him his things at his home get some twenty or more years in jail and recovers his things, then he feels that justice has been done. This is the same feeling that is in a girl who is the one who raped her get a fifteen-year sentence in prison (Zalman, 2006).

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The criminal justice system instills some fear in people in order to prevent them from doing wrong. A large number of people are not in the illegal drug business because it is illegal. What is there to feel guilty about if one sells to the people who consume the substance but does not consume it? It is like selling alcohol to the people who consume it even though the seller is a teetotaler. The fear of going to jail because one was found guilty of committing a crime makes one keep off. Unlike in some western countries where some jails/prisons are better of than some homes in the developing countries, jails in the developing countries are a nightmare. The state in which they are kept and what people go through when in these places, are nothing to sleep and dream about, even by mistake. A world without the criminal justice systems would mean that people commit the crimes without being answerable to anyone. The drug dealer would sell the drugs to the kid across the block and the police officer would do nothing about it. There would be no need of a police officer anyway (Smith & Natalier, 2005).

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One commits a crime when he/she breaches laws and rules put in place by a particular governing body (Robinson & Williams, 2009). Imagine a world where there were no punishments given to people who did these crimes. The world would be a different world. The world peace would not be a vocabulary known by anyone. Sometimes it is even unimaginable how the world would be. There are acts that we consider as crime even if there were no laws put in place to tell us that they are crimes. Such acts as murder, rape, stealing/robbing, amongst others, are some of those. The criminal justice systems are put in place in order to make sure that such acts are forbidden and those who do them are punished according to the punishments described by the law