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The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics at UGA develops a working knowledge of the various techniques of the ceramic process including clay and glaze formulation, kiln building and firing, throwing on the potters wheel, and numerous methods of hand forming. Both utilitarian and sculptural approaches are stressed with the goal for each student to develop personal style and individual expression using clay as the primary material.

In part one; the essay will begin with a brief history of social work methods.

Our Single Honours Social Work degree is accredited by the . Upon successful completion of the degree, you will be eligible to register with the HCPC as a professional social worker.

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The essay will go on to describe what methods are and how they are made use of in social work.

The educational objectives of the Biochemical Engineering program at the University of Georgia are to prepare graduates who (1) achieve a high level of technical expertise, entrepreneurial thinking, and team spirit to recognize, define, and innovate design solutions for biochemical processes; (2) establish themselves as ethically, socially, and culturally perceptive leaders in their profession and community; and (3) pursue life-long learning. The curriculum includes courses in basic sciences, engineering sciences, engineering design, social sciences, and the humanities.

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Social workers overwhelmingly work with the most marginalised and oppressed within society. The people we work with in our professional lives face a range of difficulties and traumas. As social workers our task is to understand such traumas and offer support, help and guidance to those in need during times of trouble. Very often this means understanding the public causes of individual private pains. The Social Work degree is shaped by a very strong commitment to social justice.

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In the first term you will study social theory, social work methods, law for social workers and research methods for practitioners. In the second term, you go out onto full-time placement. Placements last 70 days and run from 9am - 5pm for five days a week. In the second year, placements are in local voluntary sector organisations. You also attend a compulsory field trip to the annual SWAN conference.

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Some theorists also suggest that in expressing a feeling the person gives an instruction to others about how to act towards the subject matter. Prescriptivists think that ethical statements are instructions or recommendations.So if I say something is good, I'm recommending you to do it, and if I say something is bad, I'm telling you not to do it.There is almost always a prescriptive element in any real-world ethical statement: any ethical statement can be reworked (with a bit of effort) into a statement with an 'ought' in it.

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Social work equips you with the knowledge and skills required to apply for recognition as a qualified social worker. Social work skills are also highly transferable and valued by potential employers. By the end of your time with us you will be suitably qualified to embark on a career in social work. This could include (amongst others) working with children and families, older people, people with learning disabilities, people with disabilities, young people, drug and alcohol misusers, alongside homeless people or people with HIV and AIDS.