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This course shall read the works of Sigmund Freud. We shall examine his views on the unconscious, on human sexuality, on repetition, transference, and neurotic suffering. We shall also consider what therapy and “cure” consist in, and how his technique might work. We shall consider certain ties to ancient Greek conceptions of human happiness—and ask the question: what is it about human being that makes living a fulfilling life problematic? Readings from Freud’s case studies as well as his essays on theory and technique.

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“Depression Era. Contextualizing what is happening to us”
A talk during the symposiium “Images of Crisis – Can the crisis be represented?”
Greek Cinematheque, Athens, Greece

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, Tigran Haas, Editor, Rizzoli, New York (2008). Chapter 10.2, "Growing Sustainable Suburbs: An Incremental Strategy for Reconstructing Sprawl" (co-authored with Michael W. Mehaffy and Lucien Steil), pages 262-274. A new way of understanding the growth of urban form leads to practical suggestions for reconstructing a more sustainable suburbia. Combining "top-down" controls with "bottom-up" processes offers guidelines for implementing small-scale changes that eventually lead to large-scale improvements.