The transportation of the hazardous materials, ..

Typically, industry and government agree that a hazardous materials incident is one where

• The intentional or accidental release of a hazardous material is responsible for major injury or fatality
• The release of the hazardous material or exposure to the fire that ensues results in the need to evacuate 25 or more people
• Closure of a major transportation hub as a result of the release of the hazardous material
• The hazardous material is radioactive or a biohazard
• Whenever there is a release of over 11.9 gallons or 88.2 pounds of a severe marine pollutant, or hazardous material (Hazmat Incidents and supplies, n.d.).

several measures have been identified as safe and secure in the transportation of materials in ..

BIOLOGICAL SAFETY SIUC's Institutional Biosafety Committee and Biological Safety Officer are responsible for ensuring that faculty and staff who conduct research with hazardous biological materials comply with the most recently published federal and state standards for such research....

Modeling and Analysis for Hazardous Materials Transportation

Hazardous Materials Transportation Regulation and Deregulation

What group coordinates the Department of Transportation responsibilities pertaining to pipeline safety and the transportation of hazardous materials?