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I believe that these concepts are at the core of all of the expressions of the Hindu religion; which makes understanding this paragraph the key to having a basic understanding of the Hindu religion....

In a letter published in 1818 by John Crawford we see seven examples of Hinduism spelt with a ‘u’.

The basic belief structure of Hinduism is as follows, the three doctrines; Samsara (1) which means “successive rebirths” indicating the belief in reincarnation started by ATMA or the spark of life given by the god Brahma....

Essay On Hinduism - With A Free Essay Review - Free Essay Reviews.

A particular religion that expresses the acceptance of a person’s own beliefs and practices would be Hinduism.

If in this present life, a person succeeds in adhering to the code of life as laid down in the Hindu scriptures and follows the path of true righteousness, then his soul gains salvation and unites with the Supreme Power, thus liberating him from the bondage of birth and re-birth.

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The scriptures of Hinduism also speak about existence, non-existence, beingness and non-beingness, becoming and non-becoming. But their interpretation is different. They view these as the dualities of one eternal principle called Brahman, who is extolled in the Vedas as the highest, universal Supreme Self.

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The sages and seers over the ages held a prominent place in the religious beliefs of the region and their teachings of non-violence, unity, prayers and a life of righteousness have greatly influenced Hinduism.

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However, according to Hinduism and Jainism, the state of liberation is characterized by both these also, namely pure consciousness and all knowing awareness.