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Balanced and rational books about the JFK assassination, however, rarely attract substantial publicity budgets. Presumably for promotional reasons, Hurt’s book contains a supposed confession by one Robert Easterling, whose role was apparently that of Oswald’s getaway driver. Needless to say, anyone who claims to have been involved in the assassination conspiracy can automatically be removed from suspicion. Hurt seems to try to minimise the damage to his book’s credibility by describing Easterling as “a multiple felon, an ex–convict, a raging alcoholic, a diagnosed psychotic and schizophrenic”. Apart from this one absurd chapter, the book is well worth reading.

 : the three hobos arrested in a train yard near Dealey Plaza in the wake of the assassination.

See Many Dealey Plaza films and photos show a figure dubbed "the Babushka Lady" standing on the south side of Elm, filming the assassination with what appears to be a movie camera.

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Youngblood was in Dealey Plaza at the time of the assassination, protecting Vice President Johnson.

Tom Tilson tells of seeing a man scrambling down the bank behind the Grassy Knoll on the west side of the Triple Underpass immediately following the assassination, putting an object (a rifle?) in a car, and driving off.

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There can be few people more knowledgeable about the JFK assassination than James DiEugenio. The second edition of , published in 2012, makes good use of the evidence released to the public by the Assassination Records Review Board in the 1990s, after the publication of the first edition of the book. It is one of the essential recent books about the assassination.

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is particularly useful for its accounts of Lee Oswald’s activities in Louisiana in the summer of 1963, and of the remarkable amount of effort that went into derailing Jim Garrison’s investigation into the New Orleans aspects of the assassination.

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Schweiker was , saying that the Warren Commission had "collapsed like a house of cards," and that the Kennedy assassination investigation was "snuffed out before it began" by "senior intelligence officials who directed the coverup." The Schweiker-Hart Report focused on evidence and allegations that Castro was behind the JFK assassination, but also uncovered indications that these were .

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A subcommittee headed by Richard Schweiker and Gary Hart looked into the JFK assassination, focusing primarily on how the FBI and CIA worked with the Warren Commission.

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Douglass, a theologian, applies concept of ‘the Unspeakable’ to the of the assassination. President Kennedy is depicted as a force for peace, who was eliminated by those who feared that he was likely to change US policy toward Cuba and south–east Asia. Douglass’s interpretation of Kennedy as a saintly, heroic figure is echoed on the front cover of the French edition of the book, which gives Kennedy a halo.