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(Black Knight Comics#3/2) - Mordred paid a member of a band of traveling Gypsies to arrange a trap for Arthur during a great hunt for their lions. Warned of this plot by Merlin, the Black Knight followed the Gypsies into the woods. Mordred secretly struck down Arthur's horse with a crossbow, unseating Arthur and leaving him at the mercy of a pair of lions. The Knight came to the rescue, but as he and Arthur returned to Camelot, Mordred had his men and the Gypsies ambush them. Nonetheless, the attackers were little match for the combined force of the Knight's Ebony Blade and Arthur's Excalibur.
Later, Mordred claimed to have been thrown by his horse and injured his head just as he had been about to come to Arthur's aid. Percy taunted him with a song about the horse not dragging him far enough.

Snyder, Christopher A. The World of King Arthur. New York: Thames and Hudson, 2000.

Broad general discussion of the historical and archaeological background, the historical texts and medieval romances, the use of Arthurian propaganda by British dynasts, historical Arthur theories, and such modern Arthuriana as novels, movies, and websites. Heavily illustrated, with gazetteer of Arthurian sites. Published in the United Kingdom under the title Exploring the World of King Arthur.

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White, Richard. King Arthur in Legend and History. London: Routledge, 1998.

(Black Knight Comics#2/4) - When Arthur led his knights out to celebrate the time of shearing during the harvest season, Mordred contacted Sir Robert de Quincy and the Normans he had summoned, telling them that they time was ripe to strike. Modred plotted that after the Normans conquered Camelot, Arthur would be seized and Mordred would be named as the new king; at some point Mordred intended to betray de Quincy and take all of England for himself. The Black Knight rallied the warriors of Camelot to hold off this assault, and shortly thereafter Arthur and his men returned, attacking the Normans from the rear and driving them off.
Nonetheless, Arthur once again failed to recognize Mordred's motives, and he thanked him for honorably defending the castle.

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(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#8: Merlin (fb) / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#9: Morgan le Fay (fb)) -
Morgan le Fay, Arthur's half-sister, became one of Merlin, Arthur, and the Knights of Camelot fiercest foes, as she wished to rule Britain herself. In addition she objected to the promotion of Christianity and the rejection of the ancient Celtic goddess-worship that she practiced.

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(Black Knight Comics#1) - Percy received sanctuary in Camelot after telling Arthur that his lands in Scandia had been seized by the Baron of Emscore. Merlin then gave Percy the armor and secret identity of the Black Knight.
Later, on a hunt, Mordred's men led Arthur into a trap in which they tried to slay him, but the Black Knight arrived to help Mordred fight them off. After the villains had been defeated, Arthur was grateful and wished to see the face of his rescuer, but the Black Knight explained his oath of secrecy. Mordred then arrived, claiming to have heard the sound of battle, accused the Knight of having attacked Arthur, and assaulted him. Arthur quickly broke up the fight, after which Mordred said, The Knight replied, Nonetheless, Arthur told the Black Knight he would always be welcome in Camelot and that he would never have to remove his helmet. Arthur dubbed him Sir Black Knight.

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(Black Knight Comics#1/3) - Mordred accused Arthur of abandoning his kingdom, but Merlin revealed to Percy that Arthur was being held within his own castle. The Knight freed Arthur, and the two of them fought off Mordred's men, and Arthur led the Knight through secret tunnels to return to the throne room. Unable to conceive of the true culprit, Arthur was grateful to Mordred for guarding his throne for him.