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I see four essential purposes of education: to foster thinking and reasoning skills in students, to create a sense of community, to develop life skills such as responsibility and cooperation, among others, and to provide a precursor for life’s continuous education....

Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.

Voltaire and Alexander Pope discuss this idea of human nature and the essence of life as they perceive it in “Candide” and “An Essay on Man” respectively.

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College is more of life preparation course that will help make sure a successful career....

The poet conveys this message through the articulate structure of the poem, by the use of poetic conventions and through the perspective of four types of men who journey through life....

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Hospices care provide provides pain-free support to their patient and making patient comfortable and maintaining the quality of the remaining life because they recognizes dying as part of the normal process of living.

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The direction one will find them self traveling in will positively affect all aspects of their being.

Thesis Statement:
• Pi's life journey in Yann Martells' “Life of Pi ", is no different than explained, but simply to find his true identity.

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As Edmund Fuller remarks in our age: “man suffer not only from war, persecution, famine and ruin, but from inner problem… a conviction of isolation, randomness, [and] meaninglessness in his way of existence.”1 The problem of meaninglessness is so pervasive that it threatens to corrode every sphere of human life.

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With the reader being able to put the images of a pear tree and Bertha into one symmetrical picture, the idea that Bertha is ignoring the problems in her life are beginning to show....

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With each new question posed ,I found my curiosity further piqued and found myself captivated by the vastness of technology and amazed by what technology could offer.

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