The argumentative essay starts with an introduction.

Read Mark Twain's little piece (below) about the troubles he has with his new watch, as another example of narrative writing. (There is very little in the way of paragraphing in this narrative, and as you read along you might want to think about how you would break this piece into smaller units of thought for your reader.) Answer the questions we pose after Twain's essay and apply them as well to Jeffrey Tayler's essay above.

A series of essays on individual freedom and its relevance to life in the 21st century.

As it possessed no official superior work of literature, such as the Bible or the Koran, Hinduism became one of the most tolerant religions due to its lack of binding documentation.

In this essay you will learn the pros and cons of having an abortion.

A collection of scholarly works about individual liberty and free markets.

He must have known that the Federal Constitution and Bill of Rightsand those of the states were written "to secure the blessings of liberty"and that neither says a word about securing human equality.

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Trespass is any violation of an individual’s body or resources. By definition, trespass includes the threat of violation. Anarchy does not necessarily prohibit , but prohibits trespass. Many philosophical anarchists believe that any self-defense must be proportional to stopping the trespass.

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The contrast between necessarily implicit in the amendments, andthe doctrine of at creation in the Bill of Rights did not seem tobother the people of Indiana at a time so recent as to be remembered by somenow living.

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The concept of boundaries, however, transforms the word freedom into the word . Whereas the concept of freedom ignores the concept of obligations, the concept of liberty implies obligations. The word freedom ignores interactions with other humans, the word liberty acknowledges those interactions. The word liberty describes specific freedoms of action without obligations toward others, but recognizes that obligations might exist. The concept of boundaries introduces obligations toward other people. The concept of freedom implies unrestricted movement and actions regardless of boundaries, but the concept of liberty imply restrictions on actions boundaries. Liberty acknowledges possible boundaries and merely is freedom from boundaries.

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Political Thought is one of the strengths in the Online Library of Liberty collection. We have gathered a broad range of material stretching back to the ancient world in order to show how ideas about limited and constitutional government have evolved. There is a strong concentration of material from the 18th and 19th centuries when revolutions in America and Europe, designed to create such limited constitutional government, took place. The material on the U.S. Constitution and the Founding Fathers is particularly rich.

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As is well known by those the least familiar with American history, shortlyafter the Federal troops were withdrawn, the white people of the South quicklyexpelled the carpetbaggers and subdued the scalawags and recaptured the stategovernments. Every one of those states, with one exception, promptly calleda constitutional convention according to its own wishes in place of thoseimposed upon it by military might. .Why North Carolina should have retained that doctrine in her Bill of Rightsis a mystery. There it stands on parchments as a horrid fragment of feudaldespotism imposed upon a proud and helpless people by superior force.