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They are reasons why American have either prospered and have been set back into recessions.

Understanding Juvenile delinquency is important because it is part of trying to figure out how people in American society should react to it; specifically, in terms of law enforcement officers, their agencies, and State legislators.

Essays on child poverty in canada

In the United States and other countries, juvenile crime is one of the most serious problems.

Children and youth under 18 are particularly vulnerable to conditions of poverty. The following statistics outline risk factors and the realities of youth poverty in Canada.

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Every American in the United States is entitled to a fair trial, but with the ever increasing prevalence of social media in every day life are our trials really fair....

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That’s why she was in Halifax last week, kicking off a round-table discussion series of anti-poverty groups, grassroots organizations and members of the community to learn more about the issues and set targets for motion M-534.

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Although this concept isn't directly stated in the constitution, it is absolutely indispensable to our justice system; but with the rise of communication through technology in recent years, it is not always a right that's guaranteed.

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Megan Leslie, NDP MP for Halifax, was there and the two women spoke to a room of about 50 people on the broader role the federal government can take in eliminating poverty.

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Many decisions are influenced by the preference of the public; however, there are many that lie within the public who are totally unaware and uninformed of how essential it is in having a full understanding of how policy choices are made and how we assess those choices.

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