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This 11 page paper considers whether or not simplifying a taxation system to that there is a high level of certainty will result in equity. The tax system in Hong Kong is used as a basis for the study, with the application of theory. A theoretical discussion is included looking at flat and progressive tax systems are considered along with different perceptions of fairness before the theory is applied to the progressive tax system found in Hong Kong. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

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Sec. 151.107. RETAILER ENGAGED IN BUSINESS IN THIS STATE. (a) For the purpose of this subchapter and in relation to the use tax, a retailer is engaged in business in this state if the retailer:

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(4) a state jail felony if the amount of the tax collected and not paid is $1,500 or more but less than $20,000;

(1) determine that the address used for purposes of determining the taxing jurisdictions to which taxes, charges, or fees for mobile telecommunications services are remitted does not meet the definition of place of primary use under Subsection (a)(2) and give binding notice to the home service provider to change the place of primary use on a prospective basis from the date of notice of determination. Before the state gives such notice of determination, the customer shall be given an opportunity to demonstrate in accordance with applicable state administrative procedures that the address is the customer's place of primary use; and

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(1) expended reasonable resources to implement and maintain an appropriately detailed electronic database of street address assignments to taxing jurisdictions;

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(2) If a taxing jurisdiction does not subject charges for mobile telecommunications services to taxation, a customer may not rely upon the nontaxability of charges for mobile telecommunications services unless the customer's home service provider separately states the charges for nontaxable mobile telecommunications services from taxable charges or the home service provider elects, after receiving a written request from the customer in the form required by the provider, to provide verifiable data based upon the home service provider's books and records that are kept in the regular course of business that reasonably identifies the nontaxable charges.

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(j) If neither the state nor the designated database provider provides an electronic database as described in Subsection (a)(3), a home service provider shall be held harmless from any tax, charge, or fee liability in the state that otherwise would be due solely as a result of an assignment of a street address to an incorrect taxing jurisdiction if, subject to Subsection (n), the home service provider employs an enhanced zip code to assign each street address to a specific taxing jurisdiction for each level of taxing jurisdiction and exercises due diligence at each level of taxing jurisdiction to ensure that each such street address is assigned to the correct taxing jurisdiction. If an enhanced zip code overlaps boundaries of taxing jurisdictions of the same level, the home service provider must designate one specific jurisdiction within such enhanced zip code for use in taxing the activity for such enhanced zip code for each level of taxing jurisdiction. Any enhanced zip code assignment changed in accordance with Subsection (n) is deemed to be in compliance with this section. For purposes of this section, there is a rebuttable presumption that a home service provider has exercised due diligence if such home service provider demonstrates that it has:

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(b) A person storing, using, or consuming a taxable item in this state is not further liable for the tax imposed by Section of this code if the person pays the tax to a retailer engaged in business in this state or other person authorized by the comptroller to collect the tax and receives from the retailer or other person a purchaser's receipt given as provided in Section of this code.