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In this light, the visit of the angel Moroni took on unusual aspects. The angel had appeared on the night of the Autumnal equinox, between midnight and dawn – hours auspicious for a magical invocation. On the day of the equinox Joseph had subsequently made his four annual visits to the hill. When finally he retrieved the plates, it was the eve of the equinox, in the first hour after midnight. Accounts suggested he had been required to take with him that night a consort (his wife), to ride a black horse, and to dress in black – all lending a further magical tenor to the operation.

When we see a cross with a robe draped upon it wethink of the sacrifice and triumph of Messiah.

It is the symbol for understanding ' as it inheaven so may it be on earth.' Some cultures have used it as the symbol forsexual union resulting in Pro-creation, other viewed it as the reflectiveness ofthe pyramid and the that beam out to theuniverse.

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It involved a huge procession with the image of Sokar being carried in a gilded boat [ark].

In the autumn of 1994 pieces of the prophet puzzle began falling into place; a unifying pattern was discerned within the unusual array of historical information outlined above. Joseph Smith's quest for a sacred golden treasure buried in dark earth, his involvement with ceremonial magic, the angelic visitations, the pseudepigraphic texts he "translated", his declaration of Masonry as a remnant of priesthood, and his restoration of a Temple with its central mystery of a sacred wedding – all could be fitted into one very recently recognized context: Hermeticism.

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Unsettled by the damaging publicity brought by the letter, Mormon church authorities began negotiating with Hofmann to purchase and sequester other "newly discovered" materials, particularly any that might impugn orthodox versions of their history. These secret and highly irregular dealings tragically unraveled after a Mormon historian involved with the documents was the victim of a brutal bomb murder. Complex forensic investigations revolving around the murder eventually revealed the "Salamander letter" and several companion documents to be bogus – the pathologically intuitive creations of Hofmann, a master forger turned killer.

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Beginning in his late-adolescent years Joseph was first recognized by others to have paranormal abilities, and between 1822 and 1827 he was enlisted to act as "seer" for several groups engaged in treasure digging. Not only did he possessed a "seer stone" into which he could gaze and locate things lost or hidden in the earth, but it has recently became evident this same stone was probably the "Urim and Thummim" later used to "translate" portions of the Book of Mormon. According to contemporary accounts of the book's writing, Joseph would place his "seer stone" in the crown of his hat, and then bend forward with his arms upon his knees and his face buried in the hat. Gazing into the stone while in this posture, he would visualize and then dictate the words to a scribe seated nearby.