Many characteristics of Gothic novel can be seen within this novel.

A must for anyone studying the genre (versus reading for pleasure). Almost unanimously agreed upon to be the first novel of the gothic genre. But leisure reader beware, because this very old very crummy book is not exactly a page-turner. The good news? It’s short.

The first feature of Gothicism found in Dracula is a constant and oppressive darkness....

Wilde is not using gothic elements to shock his audiences; rather he uses the gothic to capture the hideousness of Gray`s corruptness which leaks out of the painting and into the tone of the entire text....

When examining literature, using the term 'genre' can be tricky.

You may also point out that Frankenstein does not depend entirely on the Gothic genre....

Both of these genres differ, whilst Gothic literature is the text that explores the frightening extremes in mankind, horror focuses more on the unknown.

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Later, older houses and manors replaced castles, though the sense of mystery and gloominess remained a strong element.
The Gothic hero is often an isolated or "marked" figure who must restore himself to society.

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In earlier gothic novels the good and evil were always separated ..

In Gothic writing, an important genre in Romantic literature, authors try to evoke readers’ fear and anxiety, cultivate their sensibility and explore human’s mind through presenting horrible myths and supernatural....

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The Gothic novel sometimes depicts a fallen society -- one that has succumbed to some kind of evil or temptation -- that must brought back to the light
Most Gothic novels contain themes of ghosts, monsters or the supernatural.