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Silk has a soft shine, and tends to take the dye better, thus it has a blacker look, that makes any text look brighter. Silk belts tends to be a little softer, and thus tie easier from the word go. They age very quickly, and give the impression that you have been wearing them far longer than you actually have. I think that this is an immature con, but a surprising number of people buy them for exactly that reason. There is also apparently a school of thought that says silk belts turn white quickly, which reminds you that you're still a white belt underneath. Sounds like justification for trying to look like an old master a year after grading to me. If you want to look like a white belt, wear a white belt. Other people buy silk because it’s a luxury option, and silk itself has strong links to the Orient.

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Whilst it is possible to have belts embroidered in others colours (white, green, red, etc), these are not acceptable GKR colours. If you turn up to a GKR tournament wearing a belt with your name on in English, or with incorrect coloured embroidery, you may be prevented from competing until you change belts. Sensei Joe Estrada once prevented an Essex boy from competing in a regional tournament unless the boy borrowed a plain black belt from someone else.