On this particular day there was a lot of miscommunication going on.

If you write about anisolated symbol, your thesis should be a strong statement of the existence of the symbol in the work,and, the bodyof your essay should be composed of statements that actuallyconstitute evidence of the existence of the symbol.

But are these qualities enough to consider him a hero by the standards of today.

For this was the Bible-readinglad come out of wilderness, following a prairie star, filled with wonder at the worldand its Maker, who all his life, boy and man, not only knew the Twenty-third Psalm but,more importantly, knew the Shepherd.

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Here are a couple of ways how a modern day hero can be compared to one in the past.

The train is deserted; when throngs ofbuy-ers try to press their way onto the train the porters move them back,saying this "is a special train forthe bazaar." All who go on a questfor the high and the holy must go alone.

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The information the listeners received is thought by some to be analogous to a modern day textbook lesson, in which students learn mathematics, grammar, and law, all by the written word....

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Some of the most popular bands and artists have made it a point to express their views on such matters through their music and concerts, rallying to fight or support a matter relating to the U.S....

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When he came to address the few scarred and time-worn veterans, some forty innumber, who had shared in the bloody scene which all had now gathered to commemorate, hepaused a moment, and, as he uttered the words "Venerable men," his voicetrembled, and I could see a cloud pass over the sea of faces that turned upon the speaker.

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As thousands of jubilant peasants and civil men watched, and screamed like barbarians as these beings thrashed and slashed for their own well-being, to live to see their family and friends and to live just one more day....

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There was a grandeur in his form, an intelligence in his deep dark eye, a loftiness in hisexpansive brow, a significance in his arched lip, altogether beyond those of any otherhuman being I ever saw.

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There were present long files of soldiers in their holidayattire; there were many associations, with their mottoed banners; there were lodges andgrand lodges, in white aprons and blue scarfs; there were miles of citizens from thetowns and the country round about; there were two hundred gray-haired men, remnants of thedays of the Revolution.