The decisions are about school uniforms and dress codes.

Moneta, the Latin counterpart of the Greek Mnemosyne in Hyperion, is goddess of Memory. She is one of the fallen Titans, now sole priestess of Saturn's desolation. For the poet, she functions as a Dantean guide: as Virgil and Beatrice guide Dante through hell, purgatory, and heaven, so she guides this poet through a kind of classical purgatory where the deposed Titans mourn the loss of empire. Moneta has been called the most powerful female fugure in Keats's poetry, and also the mast articulate. It has also been suggested that the poet-speaker here is Keats's weakest male; what evidence is there for this? Moneta can also be seen as maternal, and the mother figure is often considered the most powerful feminine figure in Romantic poetry generally. In complete contrast to the sexually desirable female immortals of many earlier poems, Moneta is the mother with 'minist'ring' power (Canto 1, line 96) who is the agent of rebirth and self-knowledge, rather than the sexually threatening lever who must be controlled. What other characteristics can be ascribed to Moneta?: Is she the admonitory and judgemental, consoling and inspiring or perhaps all of these? Moneta is in some ways also the ideal poet: she is able to contain and endure suffering and still teach others its lessons. This is most notably suggested in the impressive lines which describe her face (Canto 1, lines 256-71), lines which encapsulate one of the essential beliefs of the later Keats: the necessity and beauty of suffering.

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In his conclusion, Orth writes: In the Rwanda case, after fighting to a stalemate, the parties agreed to negotiate an end to the civil war and to speed up the process of transition to a multiparty democracy.

The school must have control over the dress code and enforce it.

For these reasons it is essential that a dress code be implemented into the NBA.

Look specifically at the initial dialogue between Keats and Moneta and consider the various attempts to define the poet and distingush him from the dreamer. Are these attempts ultimately successful or repeatedly frustrated? Does the paradox that an attack on dreamers takes places within a dream help to clarify exactly what Keats is claiming to be the Function of the true poet? Does the poem ever fully clarify the difference between the dreams of the poet and the dreams of the fanatic or savage described in the Induction?

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In Judith Butler’s essay, “Besides Oneself: On the Limits of Sexual Autonomy”, she talks about how humans are vulnerable to life around us socially and physically, and humans are dependable on others.

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Professor Rosen, participating by remote connection from Boston, talked about Plato, his life, and his philosophy. He also described life in ancient Athens.…