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Structure (poetry) - The pattern of organization of a poem. For example, a Shakespearean sonnet is a 14-line poem written in iambic pentameter. Because the sonnet is strictly constrained, it is considered a closed or fixed form. An open or free form poem has looser form, or perhaps one of the author’s invention, but it is important to remember that these poems are not necessarily formless.

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As I intend to limit the present course of lectures
chiefly to Greek and Latin, with its Romance offshoots;
English, with its Continental kith and kin; and the
much-abused, though indispensable, Sanskrit, I thought
it necessary thus from the beginning to guard against
the misapprehension that the study of Sanskrit and
its cognate dialects could supply us with all that is
necessary for the Science of Language. It can do so as
little as an exploration of the tertiary epoch could tell
us all about the stratification of the earth. But,
nevertheless, it can tell us a great deal. By displaying
to us the minute laws that regulate the changes
of each consonant, each vowel, each accent, it disciplines
the student, and teaches him respect for every
jot and tittle in any, even the most barbarous, dialect
he may hereafter have to analyse. By helping us to an
understanding of that language in which we think,
and of others most near and dear to us, it makes us
perceive the great importance which the Science of
Language has for the Science of the Mind. Nay, it
shows that the two are inseparable, and that without
a proper analysis of human language we shall never
arrive at a true knowledge of the human mind. I
quote from Leibniz: ‘I believe truly,’ he says, ‘that
languages are the best mirror of the human mind, and
that an exact analysis of the signification of words
would make us better acquainted than anything else
with the operations of the understanding’

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It is clear that if a radical or monosyllabic language,
like Chinese, begins to change and to break out in
independent dialects, the results must be very different
from those which we observe in Latin as split up into
the Romance dialects. In the Romance dialects, however
violent the changes which made Portuguese words
to differ from French, there always remain a few fibres
by which they hang together. It might be difficult
to recognise the French , to fold, to turn, in the
Portuguese , to arrive, yet we trace back to
, and to the Spanish , the old Spanish
, the Latin here used in the sense of
plying or turning towards a place, arriving at a place.
But when we have to deal with dialects of Chinese,
everything that could possibly hold them together
seems hopelessly gone. The language now spoken in
Cochin-China is a dialect of Chinese, at least as much
as Norman French was a dialect of French, though
spoken by Saxons at a Norman court. There was a
native language of Cochin-China, the Annamitic, which
forms, as it were, the Saxon of that country on which
the Chinese, like the Norman, was grafted. This engrafted
Chinese, then, is a dialect of the Chinese which
is spoken in China, and it is most nearly related to the
spoken dialect of Canton. Yet few Chinese scholars
would recognise Chinese in the language of Cochin-China.
It is, for instance, one of the most characteristic
features of the literary Chinese, the dialect of Nankin,
or the idiom of the Mandarins, that every syllable ends
in a vowel, either pure or nasal. In Cochin-Chinese,
on the contrary, we find words ending in , , .
Thus, ten is , at Canton , instead of the Chinese
. No wonder that the early missionaries
described the Annamitic as totally distinct from Chinese.
One of them says : ‘When I arrived in Cochin-China,
and heard the natives speak, particularly the
women, I thought I heard the twittering of birds,
and I gave up all hope of ever learning it. All words
are monosyllabic, and people distinguish their significations
only by means of different accents in pronouncing
them. The same syllable, for instance, ,
signifies twenty-three entirely different things, according
to the difference of accent, so that people never
speak without singing.’ This description, though
somewhat exaggerated, is correct in the main, there
being six or eight musical accents or modulations in
this as in other monosyllabic tongues, by which the
different meanings of one and the same monosyllabic
root are kept distinct. These accents form an element
of language which we have lost, but which was most important
during the primitive stages of human speech.
The Chinese language commands no more than about
450 distinct sounds, and with them it expresses between
40,000 and 50,000 words or meanings. These meanings
are now kept distinct by means of composition,
as in other languages by derivation, but in the radical
stage words with more than twenty significations
would have bewildered the hearer entirely, without
some hints to indicate their actual intention. Such
hints were given by different intonations. We
have something left of this faculty in the tone of our
sentences. We distinguish an interrogative from a
positive sentence by the raising of our voice. (Gone?
Gone.) We pronounce very differently when we
mean (Yes, this may be true), or
(Yes, I know it), or (Yes? is it true?) or
(Yes, I will). But in Chinese, in Annamitic (and likewise
in Siamese and Burmese), these modulations have
a much wider application. Thus in Annamitic,
pronounced with the grave accent means a lady, an
ancestor; pronounced with the sharp accent it means
the favourite of a prince; pronounced with the semi-grave
accent, it means what has been thrown away;
pronounced with the grave circumflex, it means what
is left of a fruit after it has been squeezed out; pronounced
with no accent, it means three; pronounced
with the ascending or interrogative accent, it means a
box on the ear. Thus —

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