Motherhood has taught me many life lessons.

When asked about the influence of Vietnam in This Boy’s Life, Wolff responded that he “wanted the reader to be aware very early on that this boyhood is a progression to a place.

People often believe that in order to be happy one must have a successful life.

However, their penchant for negative reinforcement and their inability to show physical affection never impeded me on having a fulfilling and moderately successful life....

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Despite the equal amount of happiness, the first one seems like more satisfactory life.

I’m the kind of person that when I’m happy I want to make others people happy too, smiling with me, talking, joking or playing games, because for me be happy it’s a great moment in your life that you can’t be relax and at the same helping you to invest the best that you have.

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If you ask students currently in college to describe their experience, it may still be the best time of their life but it will likely also be described as stressful and filled with a variety of pressures.

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The Pasion, an enduring Lenten ritual, is the singing, in Tagalog, of the Kasaysayan ng Pasiong Mahal ni Hesukristong Panginoon Natin (Account of the Sacred Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ).(2) The songbook is over 200 pages long, and the ritual song takes many hours to complete, sometimes it may be almost an entire 24-hour period and sometimes the song is sung to a faster tempo in order to be completed within a specific timeframe. The melody is not strictly set; it may be traditional but also may be altered to include modern tunes, and there is room for improvisation. The sung story begins with the Book of Genesis and includes the story of Noah, the birth of Mary, and the life of Jesus. However, accounts may include Old Testament figures such as Moses and David, and also stories important to Filipino legend such as St. Helen's search for the true cross. The story also includes moral lessons and recommendations for proper living.

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I think they make sense and I even ponder on some of them, but I never really thought one might mean as much to me, or become as realistic as it has become in my life.

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My beliefs, values and attitudes have been modified and evolved from experiences and interactions with family, school, friends and religion as my life has progressed.