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C). Theory.
Examine the theory about sales promotion techniques used in retail stores. Focus on the techniques you discussed in part B. For example, if you

You have to read up about relevant theory about sales promotion techniques used by retailers.

1. Cover page
(Title of report, who it is for, date of completion).
2. Contents page (including numbered headings, numbered subheadings and page numbers)
3. Background of the retailer.
4. Your customer experience. Sales promotion techniques used and critical discussion about their effect on you.
5. Theory about the sales promotion techniques.
6. Conclusion (brief summary of your report)
7. Recommendations (what you think the retailer should do to improve its sales promotion techniques.)
8. References (Harvard Referencing style)

Sales Promotion Techniques - Term Paper

some recommendations to show you can advise your chosen retailer about how to improve their sales promotion techniques.

You must make sure that the essay you write is completely your own words and not written by anyone else, copied from or by other students.
Quotes need to be in “quotation marks”
References (Citations)
You will certainly need to quote or refer to other sources of information on the sales promotion techniques of the chosen retailer. Make sure