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Max Weber, Karl Marx and Robert Purrucci and Earl Wysong have all, to some extent, answered these questions, although in some respects they are different they also share many similarities.

Introduction This report is focused on the investigation of Max Weber’s (1978) bureaucracy.

During his works, Weber attempted to find the aggressive relationship between eroticism and rationalism (Stone, 2010).Through his thinking he offered sociology as a science that mainly dealt with human collective actions.

Max Weber: The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism

It is seen as a notable success within the fields of sociology and sociology of science.

By this he meant that social scientific exertion is governed by values which include individual values, community values as well as cultural values.
Notably, Max Weber’s contributions to sociology are immense and significant to the society today.

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Although sociology is different at face value than the natural sciences, the two possess fundamental similarities by which problems are recognized and explained.

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In the words of modern thinkers of sociology namely Karl Marx, Max Weber and Emile Durkheim “Social fact should be the subject matter for the study of social life and can provide explanations for human thinking and behavior (p19)”.

Essay on the Weber's Theory of Bureaucracy

See our collection of sociology essay examples. These example essays are to help you understanding . Sociology is the only science specifically devoted to the study of society in the broad sense of the term, meaning the social world and the open field of the social. Like many of the social and human sciences it does not have a clearly defined subject matter. Also, see our list of to find the one that interests you.

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Max Weber contends in his essay, Politics as a Vocation, that the State is a “human community that (successfully) claims the monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force within a given territory” (Weber, 77), a definition that political experts cite to this day.

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He is mostly famous for his sociological and economic studies, in which the researcher tries to understand the Western world and the unique way of its development (Weber, 2009).