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Follow these tips to help you evaluate what's good and what's not!If you are looking for information on a topic for an essay, project or seminar use the databases for your subject.

In this paper, I have chosen a health-related website and evaluated its credibility

And, of course, these two types can be combined, resulting inthe bestform of metainformation, providing us with a quick overview and someevaluationof the value. An examples would be a World Wide Web yellow pages ordirectorywhich describes each selected site and provides evaluations of itscontent.

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Build a Lesson

Using the lesson ideas and resources provided, design an activity that combines a subject area standard with a lesson in evaluating sources. Focus on a specific criteria for your lesson such as the importance of currency or point of view. Involve students in evaluating websites or comparing the content found in two or more websites. Ideas:
- Look for current and dated information on social studies, science, or health topics that have changed recently such as the number of planets. Go to the page to see a list of those articles that are currently changing as the event unfolds.
- Look for controversal topics and identify websites with particular views. Read the "about" pages of websites. Can you determine why particular views might be presented in this website? Go to the as a starting point for this topic. They provide a list of pages where the neutrality of content has been challenged and editing wars have been waged. Check out the . How would you determine the neutrality of articles? Also, examine the issue of Conflict of Interest. Read Wikipedia's page to understand this issue.