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We are not proposing that every science book should throw out the evolution model and stick in the Bible’s creation account instead. We propose that the Biblical model should be mentioned and given “equal time,” with an unbiased treatment showing how it agrees with the facts. If you want to find someone who can compose the biblical side, write us:

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Scientists and professors who promote evolutionary thought usually come from one of three scientific fields. The first field is called paleontology. A paleontologist is a scientist who (1) examines fossils, (2) proposes the “family tree of life” they come from, (3) estimates the time frame in which they lived (based on the geologic rock layers they were found in), and (4) speculates on their evolutionary paths. The other two fields in this area are geology (the study of “rocks”) and biology (the study animals and plants). The scientists in these areas are closely related and often work together.

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One important factor of evolution is the development of a species from a completely different one.

Jonathan Wells received two Ph.D.’s, one in molecular and cell biology from the University of California, Berkeley, and one in religious studies from Yale University. He has worked as a postdoctoral research biologist at the University of California, Berkeley, and has taught biology at California State University, Hayward. Wells is also the author of Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth? Why Much of What We Teach About Evolution Is Wrong (Regnery Publishing, 2000).

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- Intelligent Design essays look into the explanation that certain aspects of the universe cannot be explained through natural selection, but point instead to the existence of a higher intelligence (God).

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Evolution also states that humans evolved from ape like creatures (Theissen Kerwin).This idea is completely contrary to the belief of God creating the first human, Adam, out of dirt and giving him life with a simple breath.

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The evolution versus creationism debate is likely to continue strong for centuries to come. The bottom line is that evolutionists are arguing scientific evidence while creationists are arguing faith. These two platforms, equally valid, are not likely to unseat one another. Scientific facts will not convert those with faith in the literal nature of the Bible. Likewise, the teachings of Genesis will not convert those without faith in those religious principles will be difficult to sway toward creationist doctrine.Â

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Evidently, both ideas seem to be on completely opposite extremes of the controversy but they are not as different from each other as they appear.

Evolution and creationism have many distinctions, but as impossible as it sounds they do have a lot of common beliefs.

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Evolutionism is the doctrine of evolution that is set on the principle that all organisms are inherently programmed to develop themselves in a gradual manner that is obtained from inheritance. In the modern world, evolution may either be biological – involving the species – or historical – involving societies and communities. Either way, both views entail some level of qualitative alterations. Biological evolution has mostly been influenced by the Darwinian theory of evolution (natural selection) which believes that all life that is present on earth despite its orientation has all got one ancestry from which it has been able to descend from and hence that it is all related. He elucidates that existence develops from non-living matter or material and follows an undirected path through which it is modified. Simply, this means that composite creatures can be traced to simple ancestors and the complexity in structure has just been reached over years of reconstruction and adaptation. The argument for natural selection holds that the genetic transformations occur in a selective manner in which only the helpful gene codes are preserved in the body to be used in a later period to enhance survival tactics. With the ceasing of any generation, the genes are passed along to the subsequent one and after successive accumulations, a completely new creature arises. In this theory, man’s existence is accredited to his descent from apes and Darwin’s natural selection method is used to explain this postulation (Klyce, 2009).