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We look for opportunities to bring real-world business opportunities into the School wherever possible. For example, girls were challenged to interpret a creative brief to design a visual identity for our new School café, The Courtyard. They were asked to suggest a logo, colour scheme, choice of fonts and application to items such as signage, cups and menus. As part of this process, girls had to consider what makes a good identity, carry out research and consider the context. The winning designer was invited to the Monogram London branding studios to experience the design process and create her image professionally.

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The AQA syllabus for Physical Education at A level allows pupils to develop their knowledge across key areas underpinning sports science; these include exercise physiology, skills acquisition, sport psychology, historical developments in sport and contemporary issues that impact modern day sports performance. This is a broad and challenging course with strong scientific content as well as discursive elements requiring personal investigation of different cultures and organisations.

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Experimental analysis of behavior is an area of psychology dedicated to discovering and explaining the basic principles that govern behavior. It began with animal studies conducted in laboratories and led to an expansion of the field that includes what today is known as applied behavior analysis -- the study of human behavior and the application of behavioral principles to improve socially important behavior.

This course will cover the experimental methods of behavior analysis and the basic behavioral principles that have been discovered via those methods. Particular emphasis will be placed on non-human animal studies. However, relevant studies and examples of human behavior will also be presented throughout the course.

The language of behavior analysis differs substantially from that of other areas of psychology. Students who have taken this course have reported that one of the biggest challenges was simply learning the language. Therefore, you should be prepared to expand your verbal repertoire to include many new terms. SAFMEDS are provided to help you learn definitions and concepts. Click the SAFMEDS icon to learn more about this method after reading the syllabus.

The experimental analysis of behavior is based on the theory of behaviorism, which holds that the study of behavior is a natural science and thus must be conducted using scientific methods. In this course you will learn to identify environmental causes of behavior. This too may be a challenge for students with no or little prior exposure to behavior analysis. However, timely completion of assignments will help increase your depth of knowledge.

Many students who have taken this course also report that they have found it useful in their own lives. It is my hope that after successfully completing this course, you too will have not only an expanded verbal repertoire and a new understanding of behavior, but also practical knowledge that can make life better for you and others.

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Following the course syllabus, pupils choosing to study GCSE Physical Education learn about the holistic benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle and the impact that exercise has on the body and mind. In the practical element of the course, analysis of performance in a variety of activities will develop their ability as a performer, coach and official. The transfer of knowledge between practical and theoretical situations is a key feature of this course and encourages pupils to develop valuable learning skills applicable across many subjects.

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Academic departments run regular university preparation lessons where applicants are introduced to material far beyond the A level syllabus and undertake admissions test preparation. A comprehensive mock interview schedule gives girls confidence and experience before being called to interview by universities. Regular meetings throughout the Sixth Form inform girls about the UCAS Apply and Track systems, how and when to accept offers, and the UCAS Clearing process.