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(L-r) TOM HANKS as Thomas Schell and SANDRA BULLOCK as Linda Schell in Warner Bros. Pictures' drama 'EXTREMELY LOUD & INCREDIBLY CLOSE,' a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close in many ways is a difficult film to critique because it is a well-made product, not a movie, but a product. The cinematography is gorgeous, it is beautifully scored, and the editing between the past and present is well done. All of this contributes in creating a feeling of whimsy in a fantasy world. Unfortunately, it feels completely wrong for the tone of this movie. It is not that this type of story cannot be told, but for that story to be successful, the audience has to be fully invested in the characters and believe them to be real people. To put things simply, I did not see any of the main characters as real human beings. What I saw was characteristics trying to masquerade as characters.

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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is the extremely anticipated follow-up novel to Jonathan Safran Foer's incredibly well-received first novel, Everything is Illuminated. It was published in 2005 when Foer was only twenty-eight years old. It's about a boy trying to make sense of his father's death on September 11. Two years after his father dies, nine-year-old Oskar Schell finds a key in his Dad's closet. He sets out on a quest to find the lock, hoping to reach some sort of closure over the tragic loss of his father.

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Close Study Guide I: Chapters 1 – 5 Due May 10, 2014
Introduction: How people deal with loss is extremely complicated both physically and emotionally, and the journey to healing is marked with incredibly difficult

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The novel also incorporates (and mashes up) aspects of other genres, both fictional genres and visual genres. (Some possibilities: folktale, coming of age story, graphic novel, mystery or detective story, comedy, tragedy, documentary, journal, epistolary novel, and many more you can identify on your own.) Others (like doodling, scrapbooking, joke-telling, and others) are not conventional genres, but Foer appropriates them cleverly for his purposes. Choose two different genres and explain what features of Extremely Loud reference or exploit those genres. Then explain what Foer has done to bend, subvert, combine, or repurpose these elements. Use your knowledge of postmodernism to try to describe and account for this revision or combination.

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Todd Atchison, a post-colonial writer from the University of North Carolina, discusses in his article, “Why I am writing from where you are not”: Absence and presence in Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, the distortion of language and how people acquire an inability to comprehend and communicate after experiencing traumatic events.