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Both women writers employ similar techniques that subvert and deconstruct the stereotypical roles of men and women, unveiling the fairy tale icons of the heroine and the hero that have been masquerading as "real" people....

Zipes has forged a career out of brilliant and subversive analyses of fairy tales.

This short story represents the antithesis of a fairy tale, ingeniously warping its vital elements—damsel in distress (Lucynell, the daughter), the mother (Mrs....

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Why are storytellers so often women, and how does that affect the status of fairy tales?

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1. Marina Warner writes: “When I was a child, the escapism implied by such wishful thinking made liking fairy tales slightly shameful; with their pinnacled castles and rose-wreathed princesses, their enchanted sleeps and dashing princes showing a leg, they were also definitely girly” (From the Beast to the Blonde). The fairy tale is often viewed as a feminine genre. Does that necessarily make fairy tale feminist? Examine The chosen fairy tale/s in relationship to the genre. for instance, discuss the use of invented female narrators by male authors and collectors, or more contemporary efforts by writers to create ‘feminist’ tales. ?

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Unlike traditional fairy tales such as “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, where the handsome prince rescues the princess and they both live “happily ever after”, the creators of Shrek have used an Ogre (usually known as vicious man eating monsters) to be the hero.

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Another new book is From the rise of the literary fairy tale in seventeenth-century France to the truly ancient Arabian Nights tales; the lives of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen, with Chapters on Oscar Wilde, Frank Baum, Collodi (Pinocchio), the now-forgotten Frank Stockton, and Herman Hesse, Zipes manages "Intelligent and thoughtful fun, without deconstructing the land of Faerie into dust and ashes." Jack Zipes is a prolific writer and has many other books available.

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Along with a series of characters who appear to be playing each others roles and magical creatures behaving strangely, the film is like a fairy tale which is completely opposite of what is first expected....

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Jones guides the reader in understanding and appreciating the genre's origins and its evolution synthesizesthe various approaches - psychological, sociohistorical, and formalist taken by scholars studying the form; and isolates five key characteristics distinguishing the fairy tale from related forms of folk narrative, such as myths and legends.