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October 1974 saw the release of The Mote in God's Eye. This ambitious novel of first contact with an alien race was to become the first of many successful collaborations with Jerry Pournelle. Even while keeping up with their own writing projects the duo put out novels at a steady pace, including Inferno (1975), Lucifer's Hammer (1977), Oath of Fealty (1981) and Footfall (1985). Their collaboration continues to this day. They've done science-fiction, fantasy, and even some outlines for a continuation of the old Buck Rogers series.

Sexual themes are frequently used in science fiction or related genres

Niven was awarded the Skylark Award in 1973 (Officially the "Edward E. Smith Memorial Award for Imaginative Fiction"), given annually by the New England Science Fiction Association, for significant contribution to SF in the spirit of the writer E.E. "Doc" Smith. In 2005 he and Jerry Pournelle were given the Robert A. Heinlein Award, which was established in 2003 by the Heinlein Society to honor outstanding published works in hard science fiction or technical writings that inspire the human exploration of space.

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A look at Larry Niven's reveals that the Grand Master has no intention of slowing down. Future novels with Jerry Pournelle, Greg Benford, Ed Lerner, Steven Barnes and Michael Flynn are in various stages of completion. Readers can keep up with his latest exploits by checking out some of the he's written to friends, family and fans, reprinted here with his permission. Larry has also served as one of the judges for the Hubbard Writers/Illustrators of the Future awards almost continually since 1986. His interests outside of writing include backpacking and hiking, science-fiction conventions, supporting the conquest of space, and AAAS meetings and other gatherings of people at the cutting edge of the sciences. Readers who want to keep up with the state of the art would be well advised to watch the shelves for the latest work by Larry Niven.