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Many scholarship applications will consist of a personal essay designed to let the review board know a little about you and your goals for the future. It here that you will have the opportunity to talk about your family background, your accomplishments both in the classroom and in your community and your goals for college and beyond. Your essay should be truthful and heartfelt while it promotes the best aspects of your character and motivations. Here is your chance to make your case for why YOU should win the coveted scholarship.

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** This listing represents the principal scholarships and awards offered by the college. Priority for all financial aid is given to students accepted for admission before April 1. Bethany College Scholarship and gift assistance will not exceed the value of tuition.

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you feel you need assistance, apply and let the college aid office decide if you ...Learn how to request financial assistance or college scholarships.

Browse through our site to see the kind of scholarship information you’ll need to find awards worthy of your attention and you’ll find that once you start the process, you’ll be surprised you hadn’t started searching sooner.

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citizen or a permanent citizen of the United States.
• have a valid social security number.
• register with Selective Service (if required).
• make satisfactory academic progress (successfully complete courses with grade of A, B, C, D or P at least 66% of the hours attempted each term with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above.)
• demonstrate an ability to benefit (see below).

The following are the different types of Financial Aid available:

GRANTS - funds that do not have to be paid back.

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Regardless of your background, ethnicity, gender or interests there is likely a scholarship waiting to suit your needs. Make sure you check out other aspects of the where you can learn about scholarships aimed at specific people with specific interests, such as nursing scholarships, art scholarships and even graduate fellowships. You've worked hard throughout your academic career and now is the time to make that hard work pay-off in the form of a scholarship to help make your college dreams a reality.

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Assuming you have chosen the scholarships for which you wish to apply it is time to come to grips with the actual process. Many scholarship providers such as the and the have sample applications on line that you can download to help you get a good feel for how you will approach the actual application when the time comes. Your scholarship applications are a vital step on your search for financial aid and it is important to get them right.

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Applying for your scholarship is the first step along your journey to financial aid for college. When you consider the diversity of the scholarships that are available each year, and the competition that exists for them all, you will realize just how important it is to get the application process right. All scholarship applications are different so be prepared to give equal attention to them all.