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As time passed, the commonly used word luau, meaning "leaf of the taro" (the taro plant was and still is an important food source) became the accepted name for this happy occasion...Though the luau is essentially a happy event, it is also richly endowed with ancient tabus and religious ritual.

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Far from being a matter of coffee, eggs and bacon, it festively starts off with a mint julep or Kentucky toddy and proceeds to ham, chicken or steaks, salads and elaborate dessert...The menu and recipes...serve as an interesting and practicalintroduction to the cookery of the Blue Grass State...For Derby Day breakfasting...Churchill Downs Mint Juleps, Baked ham(preferably Kentucky country-cured), Beaten biscuits, Batter bread, Grape jelly, Pickles, Loose-leaved lettuce salad,Transparent pie, Coffee."
---"News of Food: Delicacies of the Old South," Jane Nickerson, , April 27, 1950 (p.

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Food for thought essays on eating and culture

Whilefood remained a novelty and a draw for potential patrons who where looking for a good meal, many saloon proprietors advertised theirestablishments's drink menus more frequently than their food offerings...The types of foods served in each saloon provided another level of distinction...lamb, beef and pork were popular meat menu items in Virginia City drinking houses...with negligible amounts of small mammals such as rabbits, as well as fish and fowl...[and] a fewwild birds...Meat cuts were designated high, medium, and low quality depending on the amount or tenderness of the meat...medium-quality beef cuts were the most significant meat-based meals associated with the theater saloon...low-quality meals are not necessarilypart of the widespread local memor of Virginia City's boomtown wealth.

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These fishermen came from France, Spain, Portugal, and later, England...These fishermen stayed only long enough to cure their fish and repair their oft-battered boats before the long voyage back to Europe...Permanent English settlers began to arrive in Maine in the mid-1620s...By 1630 the settlers had establishedtheir own permanent fishing stations allong the coast of Maine, and til the mid-1700s cod fishing was their principal industry...As the popularity of coddeclined in the mid-1800s, mackerel became more important...Preserving fish by smoking was an Old World method, and herring lent itself particularlywell to the process...The development of the canning industry in 1873 expanded the market for Maine fish...Great schools of solvery sardines...were first harvested by the American Indians...Lobster was a favorite food of the coastal Indians...Commerical lobster fishing began in the late 1800s...Potatoes became an important crop in the 1800s, and Maine led the nation in potato production into the 1950s...The young tender unfurled fronds of thefiddlehead fern are a specialty of Maine.

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The honeybee's greatest usefulness, however, is actually in the pollination of crops, including fruits, nuts, vegetables, and forage crops, and many uncultivated plants that prevent erosion by keeping topsoil from being carried into the ocean.

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Long before the pilgrims arrived, the Massachuset Indians combined crushed cranberries with dried deer meat and melted fat to make pemmican...Cranberry cultivation began in Massauchusetts on Cape Cod in 1816..."
---, Hilde Gabriel Lee [Howell Press:Charlottesville VA] 1992 (p.