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Forrest Gump is a name that very few people in the world haven’t heard of. While there are many who haven’t read the book, there is even more who have seen the movie (which has become one of the most celebrated movies in cinema history). The story follows the title character as he retells the stories of the many adventures he’s gone on throughout his life, ranging from pin pong championships all the way to his life in the Vietnam War.

The way that the writers of Forrest Gump depicted the main character is genius.

How it represents disability: Represented in Clip 2

Disability Analysis:
Forrest Gump
Plot Summary:
As a young boy Forrest had issues in school and his mom comes in to speak to the principal.

The movie Forrest Gump was created by Paramount Pictures in 1994.

It is told from a third-person point of view by Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks).

Text Analysis that Connects to Disability in Forrest Gump
Example 1:
"Disabled literary characters usually remain on the margins of fiction as uncomplicated figures or exotic aliens whose bodily configurations operate as spectacles, eliciting responses from other characters or producing rhetorical effects that depend on disability's cultural resonance" (Disability, Identity, and Representation,Thompson 9).

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Forrest Gump has been such an enduring success because it speaks to a part of us that never really goes away—the Forrest-like part of us that wants to stay innocent and unjaded by the cynical and immoral world of adulthood. If you want to see movies about the corruptibility of the human character and the cruelty of the universe, take your pick; Netflix probably has a special genre just for you.

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But, if you need a break from the harsh reality of underemployment and crushing student loans, click on Forrest Gump and bathe in the warm, fuzzy glow of knowing that, for the next two hours and 25 minutes, everything is going to work out perfectly.