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In 1819, Emma Willard attacked the segregated school system of New York.(Salomone 1986) New York’s state government ignored her, so she opened one of the first female seminaries.

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Board of Education of Topeka. "Racially segregated schools," the Court concluded, are "inherentlyunequal." The Court found support for its decision in studies that indicated thatminority students learn better in racially mixed classrooms. The next year, in ,the Court announced a decision outlining its plan for implementingracial desegregation in the schools. The Court took a cautiousapproach, remanding the cases to district courts with orders tointegrate the schools "with all deliberate speed."


The following pages will explain many aspects of the history of the women’s struggles for desegregation, accomplishes made for desegregation, and the affects of sex or gender segregation still present in today’s educational system.