The Party is trying to simplify language to limit thought.

Were Animal Farm and 1984 the great successes they were because of the immediacy of their appeal, for they were published just at the point where the full chaos and danger of the postwar world, with its confrontation between former allies of East and West, was becoming clear?

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He does credit Orwell not only with great imagination and decency, but with a sense of actual participation in the world of affairs so that, unlike many liberal intellectuals in Trilling's view, Orwell knew what he was doing when he wrote of government and administration, of Communism, Nazism, and other political forms.

The main character, Winston, works on rewriting history.

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Sir Richard Rees was a close friend of George Orwell, and it has been said that he is one of the characters, Ravelston, in Keep the Aspidistra Flying, though this has not been proved.

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He also spent time on the Embankment in London, where men and women who were literally homeless would spend the night attempting to sleep out of doors, as the Embankment-dwellers did not have the price of a bed.

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Orwell therefore becomes a tramp, and walks across England from one "spike" to another ("spike" being a slang term for "poorhouse," where men who were not residents of the parish in which the poorhouses were located could spend only one might in each and then had to move on).

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Leaving this for his return to England, he runs completely out of funds; the job he had signed up for, as he says, "to take care of an idiot," had been postponed, and he has nothing to live on.

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Still, he has not touched bottom, for he is at least employed and as the hotel provides food and drink free, he is able to live, though he has no time to read, to travel, or to do anything except eat, sleep, drink, and work - the drink being a fortification against the dulling fatigue of such work.

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In the book he describes his work as a Paris plongeur or dish washer, working at least six twelve-hour working days a week (and sometimes seven) in the kitchen of a fasionable Paris hotel, at wages of five hundred francs a month, a mere pittance.