Kaysen constantly questions what makes a person crazy.

In this autobiographical novel, Susanna Kaysen is admitted into McLean Hospital, where she spends two years forced to follow the hospitals strict rules and being subjected to the nurse's constant checks and constant invasions of privacy.

Susanna Kaysen the author has put her reports from the doctors that were helping her in the book.

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Susanna Kaysen writes about the girls in the ward as if nothing is wrong with them.

Girl, Interrupted
gives an example of the mental health care system in the 1960s, and a first-hand account of what life was like as a member of that system.

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Her interpretation of the painting represents the changes in her life and psyche.
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She had changed a lot in sixteen years.

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Other themes include self-destruction, rebellion, and unity through suffering.
I believe Susanna Kaysen wrote this book as a way to sort out her own mind, and to remind herself what it was like to be considered crazy.

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Polly had no hope of returning to a normal life.
A reoccurring theme in
Girl, Interrupted
is the thin line between madness and sanity.

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A wide range of services;term paper on Girl, Interrupted And Borderline PersonalityThis 6 page paper discusses the entitle movie and focuses on whether the writer believes the main character, Susanna, really did have borderline personality disorder.Essays and criticism on Susanna Kaysen's Girl, Interrupted - Analysis.

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Girl, Interrupted
, Kaysen is a very dynamic, round character, because she swings between madness and sanity, and constantly questions the world around her.
Lisa was one of Susanna's friends on the ward.

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At the time she wrote
Girl, Interrupted
, she was 18 and had been sent to live in a mental instutition, because a 20-minute interview with a psychiatrist indicated that she had borderline personality disorder.