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Tomorrow I will put this question up on facebook for all students to try and then on Thursday I’ll write a model background statement and post it on this blog. Thanks for sharing this question.

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Excuse me!
I did not understand the sentence below:
Some people think that the key to solving these issues is to have more sport and exercise in schools.
The key to solving these issues ( it is a subject, and the key is singular, so you used “is”, right?

Do you think people can be happy without much money?

Some people think that money is one of the most essential factors in promoting happiness.

Is it correct to write “while i believe intelligence can be measured with success, in my opinion it is better to gauge intelligence with myriad ways” in the introduction?

Hello Liz,Thanks for the help, much appreciated.

Although some people consider that physical education is the key to to uproot this issue, however, i also belive that following a healthy diet can also tackle the problem effectively
Is this appropriate?

There is no difference – they are the same essay.

Thank you so much for the feedback.I was worried if this one would turn out ok or not..i was not that sure myself while writing that word , i will work on it.
I would try to use words that i am pretty confident of .. Thanks again Liz

Noted and Thank you for the prompt reply.

Your lessons and tips has been really helpful. My focus is to improve my score in writing mainly , because in my first attempt i scored only 6 . I have also purchased the advanced lessons, which i must say is really helpful and is very detailed. It gives a clear picture of the type of essays . Can you confirm if the below introduction to the essay is ok?

so what shall I do with this Task??

Hello Liz,
I’ve a confusion about thesis statement. Can I write a phrase after stating my opinion (However,I also believe that) for adding more information in my thesis statement or I’ve to stick only I completely agree/disagree that ?

That’s right. You answer the question given to you.All the bestLiz

Hi Liz
You are doing a commendable job. I always read your comments and they helped me lot to achieve 7.5 in Writing but unfortunately I lacked 0.5 in my Listening…so I will be resitting for exam.

Is it correct to write in the essay BP1- one view, BP2 -another one?

I’ve only made three so far. I hope to make more later next year and at present I’m writing an ideas book for writing task 2 which should be ready in a couple of months 🙂