Some believe that greed fuels the economy.

With strong methods of Characterization, these pieces of art were able to convey their message to their audience.
In “The Pardoner’s Tale,” Chaucer uses direct description, reactions of others, and actions to characterize the three friends who are Chaucer’s representation of how greed affects men.

Greed for this immensely gratifying pleasure is currently out of control in our society.

Despite how different the stories are there was one connection that particularly stood out to me, being the greed shared by most of the main characters in both stories.

Greed is defined as an excessive desire to possess wealth or goods.

Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.

Greed vastly predates Smithian economics, of course. It is one of the Bible’s Seven Deadly Sins. Contemporary dictionaries define it as intense acquisitiveness of (usually material) goods or wealth. To dilate: is the acquisition of a desirable good by one person or a group beyond need, resulting in unequal distribution to the point others are deprived. is the same type of acquisition deliberately to create that inequality. is the same type of acquisition deliberately to leave the deprived suffering, powerless or disabled. Sometimes it takes fine grained analysis of circumstance and motive to distinguish these, but all the preceding involve overt behaviors, and the measure is the resulting inequities. Simple greed does not require intention, for instance while continuing to acquire in the face of others’ deprivation a person denies greed explaining he is unaware of results; it is still greed, the measure being the resulting inequity. Next, passive hoarding which perpetuates extremes of inequity previously created is also greed. Next, greed is not always impulsive. It may be planned and calibrated; sustained effort and greed are not incompatible. Next, greed can be exhibited by person, group, corporation, even government. Common observation also shows personality differences. Not everybody exhibits the extremes of greed; but I believe all people act on the impulse at some time in their lives.

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FactA: Jewish people make up less than 1 percent of the entire world population. There is by high estimates a total population of 15 million Jewish people world wide. This means that there are not enough Jewish men to be put in positions of power in each government on this planet to have any effect, be it positive or negative. This is as far as voting and control is concerned.

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Our Jewish problem is the institutionalized Christian power’s traditional hatred combined with the Jewish choice to be the satellite of the big successful Abrahamic civilizations, at the price of survival. Both attitudes towards Jewry prevent real understanding. As a Jewish atheist with the experience of leftist slavery, I see a simple and complex problem simultaneously: open your eyes to realism towards ourselves, without miracles.

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We exist in a kind of void, in which individualism flourishes, and narcissism, ego, materialism, the pursuit of self, wealth, status and greed - but nothing that moves the masses together.

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This makes a good classroom demonstration of what greed can do. Actually mathematicians have designed a variety of these games, microcosms of the free economic process. Behind them all is a problem always nagging at Adam Smith economics. In the short run, what is good for the individual is bad for the group. The game is a microcosm of a community sharing a slowly regenerating resource (clean water, timber, whales) and individual greed can actually destroy the common good. The game involves two opposing rationalities: what is rational for the individual vs. what is rational for the group. And the resolution has less to do with reason than building a shared morality.