One great hero from ancient Greek mythology is Perseus.

About A.D. 45 the Romans obtained greaterfamiliarity with the phenomenon of the monsoons and as a result therewas a quickening of the intercourse between the western world and thecoast of India, and especially with North-West India, where at the timewas the well ordered and prosperous state of Kushan. This made theKushan ports marts for trade with the Roman Empire and through themgreat wealth passed into the Indian world. India also benefitedculturally from this intercourse with the west, as appears from theimpress. of Greek thought on Indian philosophy. The rules of thesyllogism in logic, as given by Carake-samhita (. A.D. 78)and Aksopada (. A.D. 150) are entirely drawn from Aristotle(cf M. M. Satis Chandra Vidyabhusana in (1918), 469).

An example of a human trait is that the Greek gods and goddess displayed excessive vengeance.

He never said anything like that again.” ("What is the personality of the Greek goddess Artemis?") For Artemis’s third birthday, she had asked her father Zeus for six wishes.

He represents a sort of leniency in the Gods of old Greek Mythology.

In Ancient Greece, however, Greek religion believed in gods and goddesses with immoral behaviors.

Within Mann’s Death in Venice there are several instances of Greek mythology being used as metaphors that foreshadow various aspects in the book, such as Aschenbach’s impending death....

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(more usually Aba simply, ashe preferred to distinguish himself from his greater namesake),Catholicos from 741 to 751, often called Aba of Kashkar, as he wasbishop of that city before he was appointed Catholicos. He is said tohave been skilled in philosophy, medicine, and astronomy, which soundslike the full Alexandrian curriculum, and to have been learned in thewisdom of the Persians, Greeks, and Hebrews (A. Scher, He is credited with having written a commentaryon the Dialectics Of Aristotle. As Catholicos he had a dispute with hisclergy about the management of the school of Seleucia and in this seemsto have fared ill, as he left the city and resided elsewhere for someyears, but finally returned. 'Iraq was conquered by the Arabs in 638,and Persia in 642. During the whole of the episcopate of Maraba II,Mesopotamia and Persia were under the rule of the 'Umayyad khalifs ofDamascus, so it is obvious that the Arab conquest did not check orinterfere with the progress of Aristotelian studies which continued inthe Nestorian Church under Muslim rule.

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When Baghdad was founded in 762 the khalif andhis court became near neighbours of Jundi-Shapur, and before long courtappointments with generous emoluments began to draw Nestorianphysicians and teachers from the academy, and in this Harun ar-Rashid'sminister Ja'far ibn Barmak was a leading agent, doing all in his powerto introduce Greek science amongst the subjects of the khalif, Arabs,and Persians. His strongly pro-Greek attitude seems to have beenderived from Marw, where his family had settled after removing fromBalkh, and in his efforts he was ably assisted by Jibra'il of theBukhtyishu' family and his successors from Jundi-Shapur. Thus theNestorian heritage of Greek scholarship passed from Edessa and Nisibis,through Jundi-Shapur, to Baghdad.