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college, each of these unique personal characteristics – or any combination of them, might open financial aid doors for you. Get the ball rolling on federal and state aid first, by submitting the proper applications; then look for grants and scholarships that specifically strive to help you overcome unique educational challenges. College help for people with disabilities originates from a wide range of sources, including government agencies, disability advocacy groups, and other private entities. Corporations and memorial foundations contribute generously to educational causes benefiting disabled college students. Schools receive endowments and alumni donations earmarked for specific student populations – including individuals facing particular challenges. Your financial aid office is well-equipped to request disability scholarships on your behalf, and to steer you toward the best sources of financial aid.

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All students who register on CollegeXpress (or fill out a response card in one of our magazines) and meet the requirements below are eligible. You do not need to complete an application for this scholarship. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing.

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Deciding how to pay for your college education can seem frustrating or confusing. Faced with a mountain of applications and financial aid forms, you may feel overwhelmed.