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Langlands once wrote "Certainly the best times were when I was alone withmathematics, free of ambition and pretense, and indifferent to the world."He was appointed Hermann Weyl Professor at the Institute for Advanced Studyand now sits in the office once occupied by Albert Einstein.

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Bell called him "probably the greatest mathematical teacher of all time."In 1873 Hermite called Weierstrass "the Master of all of us."Today he is often called the "Father of Modern Analysis."Weierstrass once wrote:"A mathematician who is not alsosomething of a poet will never be a complete mathematician."

George Boole was a precocious child who impressedby teaching himself classical languages, but was too poorto attend college andbecame an elementary school teacher at age 16.

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He had ideas similar to Pythagoras about numbers ruling thecosmos (writing that the purpose of studying the world"should be to discover the rational order and harmony whichhas been imposed on it by God and which He revealed to us in the language ofmathematics").