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We can be sure that this video by Jeremiah Films, while probably the first of its kind to deal with Harry Potter from a biblical cautionary perspective, will not be the last. The Christian Booksellers Association’s 13,000 member annual meeting in 2000 had a noticeable lack of Potter.

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The fundamentalist Christians who are up in arms over Harry Potter sometimes complain about the fact that Rowling’s good and evil characters are not easily distinguishable from one another—that the two kinds of quality are mixed together in a way that muddles right and wrong into shades of grey. They claim that Rowling is attempting by this to confuse and corrupt her readers’ moral judgment. Looking at biblical principles, however, I believe that quite the opposite is true: she expects her readers to recognise that outward appearances are deceptive and that it is vital to look beyond those appearances, to learn to discern the reality of the heart, which is not immediately obvious. In this, she is perfectly in line with a major theme of the Christian Bible.

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Within the Harry Potter series, The Malfoys and Bellatrix LeStrange both are in search of the approval of Voldemort.

Having said that, in this paper I want to explore just a handful of the ‘sub-Christian’ values that I see in Harry Potter. They concern the danger of using surface appearances to judge character, the importance of personal choices between good and evil, one aspect of the use and abuse of power, and the way in which Harry is protected by his mother’s sacrifice. I shall also touch on the character of Fawkes the phoenix and his similarity to one person of the Trinity.

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Even the loathsome Gollum has a sense of humor, a motivation for his behavior and a chance to redeem himself.The Harry Potter books are mean-spirited, elitist and offer no hope of redemption for any of the negative characters.

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Many concerned parents agree. According to the American Library Association, the best-selling Harry Potter series topped the list of the nation’s most frequently challenged books for two years in a row. [] Author John Andrew Murray believes that…

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And then there’s Luna Lovegood, who, in that final conversation with Harry in the last chapter of Order of the Phoenix, stops appearing dreamy, eccentric and gullible and blossoms instead with serenity, inner strength and dignity, and what looks suspiciously like faith.

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Grindelwald used this idea to present a logical less cruel appeal to glorify the magical race.

Grindelwald’s appearance in the later Harry Potter books may represent a warning that great injustice and evil can happen more than once in a span of only 50 years.

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Similarly, Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge left office soon after The Battle of The Department of Ministries (Rowling, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix, 2003).