Analysis of Hawk Roosting, Ted Hughes

Each piece a place.
a place that you adored
All moments are contained in the present.
the rocks at the beach
candles burn down slowly
Sparrows Wicked also Naked
If you check it, tis' also stated
Sparrows Wicked also Naked
daniel owens went beserk
I wish I was a fish
Brooke quit bein a witch
Yea alright whore
for ever onwards and around shall they go
till the battle starts and the people rose
the field was like a lonley child
and I punch that guy on the nose
evil mean poetry
blood spewing like a garden hose
crazy people, banshees
Eating my french fries
crazy people
Eating my french fries
(never seeing the nonexistent future of posibility)
What a legend you are
What a legend you are
close and not far
are we approaching new era?
Gummie bears are my only friends
what must I do
to find you...?
We drink merlot amidst soft sundri modes
In my bedroom closet with a knife makes me twitchy
Then hallucinate nightly by licking the toads
Lice in my hair makes me scabby and itchy
He rode my mind, see there it goes!
He rode my mind, see there it goes!
Satoshi was substandard boy
crazy armchair singer
But to remember childhood fantasies.
you is
there is a chicken at the door
there is a chicken at the door
guide him in and let his pecker explore
scratching, and scratching, pecking at the wood
penetrate the depths you so adore
gold the destoyer of worlds
the mummy in his coffinwood
petunia has a problem
doesn't understand what he should
but its easy for them
There was a young boy, full of promise
Whilst I still live
i'll not subject my heart to beg and thrift
she caught beowulf with her tentacles
why why why
to what avail in the targeting recticle
A weasel hath not such a deal of spleen as you are toss'd with.
she screams and bleeds
she screams and bleeds

"Hawk Roosting" by Ted Hughes

I comes this way.
golden section
not to play , not say hey but to bring dismay
no in my world
i love you
jiggly puff my heart dances with poo
like the horse you rode in on
monster trucks
i fucked ur mom
i like as much as my chucks
i like them as much as my chucks
i like them as much as my chucks
if only i had a million bucks
five oh beatnik groove
I'd give you the sun , the moon and the stars
i have no true friends, which is why people stare,i just wanted some peeps, to be kind and care
but that would surely kill you
acrid wind beneath wings so torn, feel the breaze, let me soar
ass shit
sesttle down you wild indians
ass shit i quit
dont ask me when the fun begins
light it up and take a hit
you will end up having twins
oh no i quit
that is not when the fun begins
what was
how about when you have twins
dont ask me what was she always lies about what she does
thats not when the fun begins
she is drinking and has a buzz
you just had twins
that is all she ever does
and I already want to punch there chins
if you ask her why she will say because
is that when the fun begins
what are the name of the twins
no the fun never begins unless you are the twins
I hate it when this begins
you can punch them in there chins
go punch them in there chins
no I cant they are my twins
do not be mean to the twins
turn them into bowling pins
stop telling me when the trouble begins
that is when the fun begins
you want to take home one of my twins
use them both for bowling pins
no just punch them in the chins
I just punched them in there chins
I want to give you my twins
ha ha ha those worthless twins
no just let me punch thier twins
no just let me punch their chins
you can do it on thier chins
and who ever does not cry wins
please just be nice to your twins
send the other to bed and fun begins
only if the fun begins
oh I hope it never ends
just get rid of the twins
well how you act depends
there mothers might punch us in our chins
I do not have any friends
just get rid of the worless twins
you must have boring weekends
that is when the fun begins
yes I do please find me some friends
let's rape the kings and kill the queens
tape the strings and spill the beans
tape the strings and spill the beans,never meant to speak like that,dirty twat smellsl like this,homegrown skunk,poets piss
give a piece and thrill the queens
hey ugly you got pink
oh yeah that's right
my life is brilliant
Peanut butter toast
thus I am blinded when I look in the mirror.
Lard cake, muster a fake.

"Hawk Roosting" by Ted Hughes is a ..

Hawk Roosting by Ted Hughes: Summary and Critical Analysis