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Transition (Now we have looked at why Americas health care fails, why universal health care is needed, and even how Hawaii?s health care system works,

1. Today we have looked at our current system of health care in America, why it needs reform, how universal health care benefits all Americans and have looked at Hawaii?s plan for universal health care.

On March 21, 2010, Congress passed the first draft of the monumental Health Care Bill.

A shrinks a large amount of information into only the essentials. You probably summarize events, books, and movies daily. Think about the last blockbuster movie you saw or the last novel you read. Chances are, at some point in a casual conversation with a friend, coworker, or classmate, you compressed all the action in a two-hour film or in a two-hundred-page book into a brief description of the major plot movements. While in conversation, you probably described the major highlights, or the main points in just a few sentences, using your own vocabulary and manner of speaking.

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To explain how differing perspectives have responded to healthcare as a social problem.

Notice how the summary retains the key points made by the writers of the original report but omits most of the statistical data. Summaries need not contain all the specific facts and figures in the original document; they provide only an overview of the essential information.

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As one of the wealthiest countries in the world, it is a travesty that one hundred percent of our citizens are not adequately covered for their healthcare expenses.

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In his speech, Clinton urged law makers to “Fix a health care system that is badly broken, giving every American health security-health care that is always there, health care that can never be taken away” (Bok, 1993)....

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In January of 1993, Clinton announced that he would be putting together a team of experts to review the issue of health care cost and develop a plan to propose to congress (Bok, 1998).

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I am still paying off medical bills for lab work, and other tests and emergency room visits.
III. Today I want to discuss the reasons why our current health care system is ineffective, the benefits of changing to universal health care, and we will also look at Hawaii?

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A. Hawaii?s health program integrates medicade with state program for uninsured
B. The department of Health and Human Services reports that Hawaii will save money on health care because they offer a sliding scale premium for individuals above poverty level.