The Royal High School was used as an example for the first public high school in the United States, The English High School was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1821....

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Its important for teen to stay in school its probably much easier for them to drop out or either the school tells them to they also might feel embarrassed to go to school due to the rumors about her being pregnant some of the teen girls get bullied over the internet being pregnant at an early age some feel worthless and regret what they have done at an early age the rate is going up due to the drop outs its 46% of girls who drop out of high school it went up since 2001 teenagers should not be allowed to get pregnant at an early age, i feel that it's too childish to get pregnant and take care of a kid that your mother or any of your family doesn't want to take care of it ,girls sh...

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Beginning with the January 2011 exam, the English Regents exam of six hours over two days has been replaced by a one-day, three-hour exam. The exam continues to assess New York State students’ ability to perform a broad range of reading, critical thinking, and writing skills. It represents a rigorous level of expectation reflected in the State’s Learning Standards for English Language Arts, and a passing score on this exam is a requirement for a high school diploma.

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Additional information about the P-12 Common Core Learning Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy is available on the EngageNY website at

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PARCC's Frameworks: Their Role in Curriculum Modules and Regents Exams (UPDATE Posted 7/9/13)
Although the Board of Regents has not yet determined if New York State will administer PARCC assessments when they are available beginning in the 2014-15 school year, the PARCC Model Content Frameworks at are firmly rooted in the Common Core Learning Standards and college/career readiness.

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You must submit one official transcript from every college/university/graduate institution you have attended since secondary/high school graduation, regardless of length of study.

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Some of the things that hurt most high school dropouts are they earn less money, they are more likely to be unhappy and unhealthy in life, they are less likely to be married, and more likely to be in jail than those students who do graduate from high school.