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May want to consider:
Figures of speech
Point of View
Steps to Writing a Literary Analysis (cont'd)
Think about what the author is trying to say
Select a topic that has sufficient supporting evidence
Write a working thesis
Make an extended list of evidence
Refine the thesis
Organize the evidence
Interpret the evidence
Create a rough draft
Revise the Analysis
The Non-Summary Conclusion
Types Of Literary Analysis
Key Points (cont'd)
Ask these questions about the conclusion
What's significant about this thesis- is it worth discussing?
Does the conclusion avoid merely summarizing the main points of the paper?
Does the writer attempt to discuss what is significant about the paper's thesis?
Does the writer attempt to relate the thesis to our contemporary culture in an elaborate extensive fashion?
Does the writer attempt to relate the thesis to other works of literature?
Does the writer attempt to 'bookend' with the situation in the attention-grabber of the introduction?
Should the writer extend the elaboration of an idea by providing a more concrete example?
Are there any wordy structures?

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The writer may also finish the conclusion by alluding to a major detail from the body of the essay.
Key Points
Ask these questions about the introduction:
From the first few words, has the writer grabbed the reader's attention?
Are the verbs active and in the present tense?
Has the writer re-created a brief but significant scene that demonstrates a point in his or her essay- a scene or situation from a literary text (the one being discussed or an analogous tale from a different text) or from contemporary life that effectively leads into the thesis?
Has the writer written a transition sentence or sentences that connect the attention-grabber to the thesis statement?
Is the writer's thesis statement clearly stating a topic + a debatable opinion?
Has the writer used a variety of sentence structures in the introduction?
Definition of Key Terms
Literary Analysis-A Literary Analysis requires for you to analyze some aspect of a literary work or topic.

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To write a literary analysis, you should focus on the fundamental elements of a piece of writing that make it stand out as a work of literature. Expand on and discuss certain elements in your analysis to write a clear and lucid essay.