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'Ahistory of Orkney maps' (considering 40 maps and charts (1583-1883) enlargeable to mediumres.; a research site with an original methodology, using overlays and error diagrams (for 35locations) to arrive a map lineage; concluding that "the development of the cartography ofOrkney has not been a smooth progression through time but has depended on a relatively fewsurveys and their associated advances in surveying techniques"; the 'Methods' section (followthe 'Next' button) is the equivalent of an online essay - John K.

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WHS, in conjunction with the University of Edinburgh’s School of
History, Classics & Archaeology, are pleased to announce Sean Stout,
St Thomas of Aquins High School, Edinburgh, as the winner of the 2014
schools’ essay competition for Higher History pupils. Sean is picture below with runner-up, Andrei Vitaliev.

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The project, developed by and Women’s History Scotland, aims to record memorials to women across Scotland at .This project has received a message of support from First Minister Alex Salmond, who said:

Throughout the centuries, Scots have paid tribute to the remarkable achievements of women in both small and grand ways.

Ten selected papers first published on Heredom,

'Ordnance Surveymaps - 25 inch 1st edition, Scotland, 1855-1882' (very high res. scans of the 13,045sheets (at 1:2,500), searchable via gazetteer or graphic index; with guides to Abbreviations (by RichardOliver) and Symbols and a pair of illustrated essays: 'Background, coverage, and sheet numbering' and 'Mapcontent, printing and colouring' - National Library of Scotland)

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'Ordnance Survey maps -Six-inch 1st edition, Scotland, 1843-1882' (very high res. scans of the 2,123 sheets,which constitutes 'the first comprehensive topographic survey of Scotland' (at 1:10,560); you can browseby county or parish, use the interactive map and place-names, or apply the Google maps overlay; with guidesto abbreviations and symbols, and a background essay, 'Scottish Paper Landscape' - National Library ofScotland)

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'Ordnance Survey AirPhoto Mosaics of Scotland, 1944-1950' ("all 221 OS published air photo mosaics covering Scotland (allof these at 1:10,560 scale) as original zoomable images, and as two sets of geo-referenced overlays, one with anhistorical 1930s mapping backdrop, and the other with a backdrop of Google/Microsoft modern mapping and airphotography.

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'Maps for a SmallCountry' ('An exhibition of historical maps and atlases of Scotland, held in Glasgow University Library,June - August 1991', illustrated with enlargeable details - by John N.