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For each film I will be comparing the opening prologue and opening scene, which lasts about 10 minutes, and both films differ in the way the scenes are set out and shown to the audience....

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Sadly, the European Commission and the central Italian government continue to support many so-called "development" projects in Sicily, few of which result in little more than untaxed wealth for the projects' managers. Indeed, the phenomenon has spawned an entire industry as politicians and their friends scramble to propose projects with grossly inflated budgets. In the 1980s, a new profession, that of the , was born. The term refers to the "project consultant" who seeks European Commission funds on behalf of a town, association or governmental agency (presumably one lacking personnel competent to know how to manage public money efficiently, as though that were an esoteric art), and then spends these monies, taking a large commission for himself and his cohorts. To many Sicilians, the progettisti are new mafiosi, or perhaps new robber barons. Considering the vast investments involved, the tangible results are precious few, apart from expensive vacation homes for the project administrators themselves. One can only conclude that Sicilian progettisti, Mafia proponents or Sicilian politicians have in some way infiltrated or corrupted elements of the European Commission in Brussels. It's a long way from stealing cattle in the mountains.

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However, as with most Disney films, The Little Mermaid is an adaption of an original story written by Hans Christian Andersen in the 1830s.

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Answer one of the following questions. In your essay, compare two films from different countries. Select these films either from the primary list watched and discussed in class, or the supplementary films listed for each week in the “Weekly Schedule” below. Choose the following films to compare which provided in the word document of ‘Essay- Description’ with the films list that under the three questions.

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How does such an organization survive into the twenty-first century? It has a great deal to do with social factors - things like high unemployment, widespread lack of confidence in the competence of law enforcement authorities, distrust of the state. But the general secretiveness of the people is one of the main reasons organised crime is still so powerful in the Italian South, where common folk often seem suspicious of even the most ordinary social forces. The Italian ethos is based on the realities of everyday life: Italians presume that their elected leaders are thieves motivated by greed. Businessmen presume that associates will steal at the first opportunity. Labor unions presume that employers will seek to exploit employees whenever possible. Spouses presume that marital infidelity is simply a question of human nature, and even use a particular word, to describe cuckolded husbands.

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There are many possibilities to consider for a comparison/contrast analysis of two films. For example, the two film versions of , one made in 1954 and one forty years later, in 1995, reflect the changing roles of women. and are based on the same Jane Austen novel, yet offer very different treatments of the story, while and offer different interpretations of a tale of frontier justice. is an updated version of In the first movie, a family is betrayed by outsiders; in the second, it is betrayed from within. Both of the first two films won awards and critical acclaim--was as successful an effort as the original?

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Assignment # 2: Comparative Contrast EssayHow and Why a Comparison & Contrast Essay?The Comparison & Contrast Essay assignment is meant to introduce you to the process of writing an argumentative essay utilizing thought out reasoning and thinking that examines the similarities and/or differences of two or more elements in order to state that one of them is preferable .