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RM: When I was younger, I applied for the Faculty of Justice. I was going to travel to Helsinki to do the admission test when received the info, just one day before, that I had passed my test to the School of Architecture. Therefore, it was easy to choose Architecture instead of Justice. If you are talking about now, I am really interested in small scale craft design; such as chairs, seats or lamps. According to this, I would choose the profession of a carpenter.

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RM: Today, we don’t have really deep influences to international architecture. It was clearer during 50s and 60s, because the profession of an architect was really appreciated after the Second World War in Finland, but this doesn’t happen nowadays. However, there are some narrow slices of Finnish contemporary architecture which I think will have a strong influence on the international scene. I am talking about small scale wooden architecture. Perhaps, this tendency will be in the future the brand of Finnish architecture, since the national economy and the politicians are giving a huge support to the development of new techniques for wooden constructions.

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This test was about rhetorical sensitivity (RS) and according to the worksheet that the test was on, the definition of rhetorical sensitivity is, “the ability and willingness to adapt messages to audiences, adjust what he/she says to the listener, and accept the variability of communication.” The online Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory test helped me defined my working style, personality style, and how I communicate and interact with my fellow peers....