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As an international student who received an undergraduate degree in interior design in Saudi Arabia, I am eager to attend a school that is global in focus, yet also grounded in the independent spirit of the United States. I seek a fresh perspective on the world of architecture and I believe that I could be an invaluable asset in the classroom, sharing with my fellow students the worldview of someone who has grown up outside of the United States. The culture of the industry is different where I worked, as are the logistical challenges of climate and functionality. I seek to learn from my fellow classmates and teachers and see things from their perspective, as I hope they will learn from mine.

In Saudi Arabia, there is great wealth, which has supported the architectural industry. I have worked as an architectural assistant and have come to understand the degree to which financial backing is essential to realize the vision of every architect, as I have seen some potentially great projects flounder for want of backing. Learning how to make a project financially feasible yet still suit the vision of the original designer was one of the core challenges I witnessed in my work.

Attending SAIC would not be my first time living abroad. My desire to become an architect was first formulated when I was training at a workshop in architectural geometry in Vienna during the summer of 2011. My ultimate goal in getting a degree from SAIC would be to open up my own architectural firm with a global focus and an emphasis on cutting edge design. I still require more knowledge of the field to realize my dream, however. Given that my undergraduate degree was interior design, I seek out a sounder theoretical and practical base of academic knowledge in the field of architecture. I also desire to make contacts within this very difficult and rewarding industry. And finally, I seek a 'safe space' to try out experimental designs that I did not have the opportunity to propose when I was merely working as an assistant. Attending SAIC would give me the courage to dream and reach for the sky, as high as the tallest buildings I could imagine yet also provide my career and knowledge base with a sound framework and foundation. It would build my knowledge as an architect -- from the ground up.

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