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Most simply believed that men are better suited to rule; female rule was seen as something unnatural - improper. Regardless of their individual personalities and skills, women have been perceived women as too weak, kindhearted, irrational, and emotional to rule. (Examples: the view of Orthodox Muslim believers that women should be prevented from ruling because such rule would be disruptive - f. Or, Chinese saying which states: " A woman ruler is like a hen crowing." A similar sentiment from a European medieval proverb is similar: "Let not the hen crow before the rooster."Aristotle, who explained that women's powers of reasoning were defective, "without authority," and that their political influence was always fatal: "What does it matter if women rule or are ruled? The result is always the same." Or John Knox, who in 1558 wrote: "To promote a woman to beare rule, superiorities, dominion or empire above any realme, nation, or cities, is repugnant to is the subversion of good order, of all equitie and justice."

With this growing problem, 3 mainEssays on the economics of digital media and Internet piracy.

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Internet piracy is one of the challenges that results from the use of new technology.

Few volumes explore early Mediterranean piracy in much detail, and to have an expert in this period of time makes ancient piracy interesting and enlightening.

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This book isn’t for the diehard pirate fan or those with little interest in the medieval world, but those in search of information on maritime trade in the Middle Ages will find this book an intriguing examination of one region in England and its connections to the world at large.

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Ayers’ chapter (3) will be of particular interest to those interested in medieval cogs, the vessels that carried bulk cargo for trade, while Childs’ essay (9) examines early ports and customs.

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Pirates tended to hunt in Caribbean waters during the winter, then sail north to harass and/or trade with colonists after temperatures warmed.

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But if simple venality was a large part of the story early on, her crusade to be believed took on alife of its own. While Team Judyth has worked on the “big score,” Judyth has been compulsivelytelling her story to anybody who would listen. She has made numerous posts on, and on the . She has sent hundreds, if notthousands, of e-mails and spent many hours on the phone telling her story to anyone whoexpressed an interest. At one point, she was preparing to go to Dallas during the annualconspiracy convention (JFK Lancer’s ) and tell her story to anybody whowould listen. Team Judyth dissuaded her.

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Claiborne is an example of this, and while the record shows that he was charged with piracy and murder, some of these events took place during a border dispute with Virginia – a time more reminiscent of a war, rather than the true definition of piracy.