An opening statement helps to set the tone for your overall essay

The more competitive the school, the larger the pool of applicants with strong GPAs and GRE scores, the more important the personal statement becomes in the selection process. Therefore it is important to devote ample time to writing your statement.
Remember your statement should catch the attention of the reader from the fist paragraph, from the first line - this is extremely important.

Check that your thesis statement appears in the introduction and conclusion of the essay.

Particularly for students applying for residency or specialty programs, your medical school personal statement can assist admissions staff in better understanding the applicant's particular goals.

Example of an essay introduction and thesis statement…

You'll need to include this thesis statement in your introductory paragraph, and the rest of your essay will need to support it.

MormonThink contributors have written reviews for most of the issues detailing some of the historical interpretations presented, misleading statements, omissions and questions we'd like to see the Church address. Our responses are provided in the menu bar at the top of MT's website called "Church Essays". Most importantly, members should view the detailed sections already on MormonThink to see a more comprehensive analysis of each of these issues that we've already addressed.

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