Henry Bargy in 1902 spoke ofAmerican church religion as "."

Many of America’s Gulf War actions qualified as war crimes. One was the infamous bombing of the retreating Iraq army, on the highway leading from Mutlaa, Kuwait to Basra. It was a mass exodus from the city, which included the Iraq military that was withdrawing to Iraq on Hussein's orders, and also civilians and prisoners. What the USA's military did on that highway stands as one of the greatest and most defenseless mass murders of the modern era. The USA disabled the front and rear vehicles on that highway, which trapped two thousand vehicles and their occupants into a seven-mile-long parking lot. Then the planes flew mission after mission on the helpless vehicles and their occupants, and annihilated and incinerated many thousands of people, perhaps tens of thousands. That highway became known as the "Highway of Death."

Emperors and conquistadors were interested mostly in plunder and tribute, gold and glory.

Even though early “settlers” ran off and lived with the natives, and had high appreciation for the native way of life, and the spectacle of the “Unredeemed Captive” played itself out in the early 18th century, by the time of the American Revolution, the new elites had carved out estates in the settled east and were the forerunners of today’s Eastern Establishment. The opportunities for free land and dreams of estates lay on the frontiers of English/British encroachment, and were pursued by the losers of colonial life. Trappers, traders, and soldiers were the early English vanguard, followed by settlers. While frontiersmen might wear buckskins and take native wives, they rarely thought like Indians, and native behavior toward nature was in stark contrast to how frontiersmen behaved. Eastern North America was completely deforested by those frontier settlers, which wiped out both native humans and animals. White invaders would rarely make enlightened contact with the natives, and the genocidal aspirations in letters to his men (a sentiment that was missing in his writings about his French adversaries) were more literate versions of the scalp-hunting attitudes of frontier settlers.

, and Jewish pogroms spread in the Russian Empire.

In many places, it uses exactly the same language to describe America's new place in the world.

I have been watching Seattle's mainstream media while all the saber rattling has been going on over Iraq lately. article of November 14 is the first time I have seen a substantive reference to the harm USA has inflicted on the Iraqi people over the past seven years ("Iraqi Sanctions Split U.S.-Arab Coalition").

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Even though the French and Dutch efforts had disastrous effects on natives, the English were by far the most murderous and overtly exterminatory of the European powers in North America, which is partly why they were the most successful. The story of the English in North America is a continual tale of invasion and genocide, with even deliberate introduction of European disease to the natives, which may have even begun in the Massachusetts colony in 1636. As the Spanish did, the English hunted the natives with their . Hunting humans was the ultimate sport for both Spanish and English “settlers.”

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In 1630, there were about 30,000 Huron. By 1640, waves of smallpox reduced them to about 10,000, and half of the survivors were Christian. In the culture that existed before the French arrived, the decimated Huron would have come to an accommodation with the Mohawk, who after all were their cousins, as both tribes were Iroquoian. Fired up with new crusading Christian zeal, however, the Huron began attacking the far more numerous Mohawk, who had long possessed European arms, even though a peace agreement had been negotiated in 1645. The Mohawk and Seneca responded in kind. By 1649, when the Mohawk and Seneca destroyed Huron villages and adopted the surviving women and children into their tribes, the complete demise of the Huron tribe had come to pass. From warfare that resembled rugby matches to the complete extinction of a people in 40 years; that was the typical effect of the European invasion, even at its most benevolent.

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The , virtually alone on the world imperial stage during the 1700s, had several full-fledged wars in North America, beginning as early as 1689. In all those wars and heated rivalries, the big losers were the natives, whether they were in North America, Australia, Asia, or the South Pacific. Europeans did not arrive to help anybody but themselves.